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“Gap Analysis: An innovative Look at “Gateway Courses” and Student Retention.

Special Interest Group: Online Teaching & Learning

William Bloemer, Ph.D., Leonard Bogle, Ed.D., Scott Day, Ed.D., & Karen Swan, Ed.D.


In this paper we explore how student type and academic stage affect success in gateway courses.  We use examples from our work with analyses of student records to show how one can use student type and stage in their academic life (first term, second term, second year, and so on) to predict success in particular gateway courses.  Such predictions reveal that the timing of course taking can make a difference between success or failure for particular types of students.  Moreover, relating predictions to observed DFW rates can highlight courses exceeding expectations, and those which fall below them, to support a more nuanced understanding of where and what attention is needed.

Faculty Highlights

Department Chair, Dr. Scott Day Certificate for Services            American Educational Research Association


Department Chair, Dr. Scott Day  Mum Celebration in Seoul


Karen Swan, Ed.D., James J. Stukel Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership Recipient of the National University Technology Network Distinguished Service Award