Examples of Students

What sort of things have recent students done, and who are our students? Here are the names of some recent or current LNT students, and a name for the focus of their degree. This is just a sample, as we have as many as 25-30 new graduate students in our program each year.

Students and the focus of their degrees:

  • Tonya Hodges. Technology-enhanced education with a specialization in rhetoric. (mostly online)
  • Michael Kim. Surgical education and surgical performance assessment.
  • Leslie Smith. Education and research in surgery.
  • Brent Judd. Comparative literature based upon the literatures of France, Great Britain, and the United States.
  • Lea Hudson. Human Resource Management.
  • Heidi R. Johnson. Political theory, postmodernism, and feminisms.
  • Edwin H. Carrington. Deaf Material Culture. (online)
  • Charles E. Fuller. Applied Existentialism. (online)
  • Kathleen Brinkmann. Storytelling and Folklore. (online)
  • Michele DeLong. Integration of Music Education and Literacy Training in Elementary Education.
  • Deborah Atkinson. Creativity.
  • James Bockmier. Indo-Iranian Studies
  • James Brown. Political Thought, with a focus on communication technologies and political theory. (online)
  • Ron Henkhaus. Philosophy of Information. (online)
  • Ryan Chandler. Informatics.
  • Melissa Ann Black. Women in State Politics and Policy.
  • Jaqueline Anne Lynch. Philosophy of Ethics in Virtual Worlds. (online)
  • Sharon Grigsby. Women in American Indian History.
  • Amy Bush. Arts applied in cross-cultural communication.
  • Stephanie Moulton. Stewardship
  • Kristen Zbikowski. Applied Ethics (online)
  • Tom Irwin. Humanities and the Creative Arts (focus on music as a means for interpreting history).
  • Paul Caldwell. Family well-being and positive youth development.


Our Newsletter

Years ago the department released a newsletter providing information about events and achievements within the program. This newsletter was for students, faculty, and alumni alike. However, the newsletter was discontinued in 2007, as the department believed that our website and blogs would keep alumni informed.

Here are examples of our old newsletter: