What you can do now to prepare for LIS 451

You won’t take LIS 451 Senior Seminar until your last semester but you must start preparing for Senior Seminar now.  At that point, you will need to review what you have learned and experienced in all of your UIS courses so, if you don’t organize and archive your learning material for each course, you will have a difficult time passing Senior Seminar, which you must pass in order to graduate.

Log in to Box

Go to any UIS webpage that includes the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.  Click on Quick Links and then Box.

Options for Quick Links link

Box log in page

You have 50 GB of UIS Box storage, which is more than enough to organize and archive your learning materials.  (You should have plenty of additional storage for personal files as well.)   Box is FERPA compliant.

If you have not used your UIS Box account yet, you must start by going to the sign up page.  Once you sign up, you can use this webpage to log in to your account.

Sign up for Box

The Box website

This is what the Box website looks like.  Andy has been using his storage for a while so he has a lot of folders already.  The tan folders are Andy’s private folders and the blue folders are folders that he is sharing with other people. (You can learn more about collaborating with Box here.  This link goes to lynda.com training, which you have access to as a UIS student.)

You can see organizational tools at the top of the page.  Upload allows you to upload individual files or entire folders to your Box storage.  When you do this, you will have a safe back-up copy in the cloud.  This means that you shouldn’t lose your learning materials because your hard-drive crashes, or your laptop gets stolen, or you lose your thumb drive.Upload button in Box


New . . .

If you click on the New button, you will get a variety of options from creating new folders to creating Google or Microsoft Office documents and saving them directly to Box.

Options for the New button in Box

Box Sync

You can upload and organize your documents through the website interface but it may be easier to use Box Sync.  To start, click on your name and then select Get Box Sync from the pull down menu.

Get Box Sync link in Box

Download Box Sync

This presenation was created on a Mac so Box suggested Box Sync for Mac but, if you use Windows, it will suggest Box Sync for Windows.

Once you download  Box Sync, you will create a Box folder on the hard drive of your computer.  Anything you save to this folder will be on your hard drive AND will be automatically synced to your UIS Box account.  Consider these use scenarios:

1.  Your hard drive crashes and you lose all of your data.  If you are using Box Sync, you have a back up in your UIS Box account.

2.  You do homework on a desktop and a laptop computer that you own.  If you use Box Sync on both computers, your files will be synced to both computers AND you’ll have a back up in the cloud.

3.   You are lucky enough to be able to do some homework at work when it is quiet.  If you use Box Sync, you can log in to your UIS Box Account and download a copy of the homework you started at home.  You can even download Box Edit and edit documents stored in the cloud without needing to download and then upload the your changes.

Download option for Box Sync

Box Sync on your computer.

This is Andy’s Box Sync folder on the hard drive of his computer.  (This is a Finder window on a Mac but it is similar to My Computer on a Windows system.)  These are the files that he is syncing to his UIS Box Account.  He does a lot of work from home so these files are also synced to his desktop and laptop computers at home.  He even has access to the files on his phone and tablet.   (This is WAY more access that you probably need or want but realize that it is possible if you wish.)

Box sync folders on your hard drive

Organize, organize, organize

To prepare for LIS 451 Senior Seminar, please consider doing the following.

Create a Box Sync folder called My LIS Degree. Inside of this folder, create a folder for every course you take at UIS and add the following items:

  • Syllabus
  • Handouts and readings
  • ALL of your written assignments
  • Exams
  • A selection of posts from your online discussion boards that best represent your work in the course
  • Feedback you received from your professor
  • Examples of collaborative work with other students
  • Peer feedback that you gave and received (you should remove the other student’s name

Keeping these documents will not only help you complete LIS 451, it will provide you with a learning portfolio of your accomplishments at UIS.

Academic portfolio folders