Online course history/planner

Liberal Studies online course history/planner tool

This Google Sheet includes online courses offered during the past three years.  It should provide some insight into what to expect to see on future schedules.  To maximize your use of the planner, you may wish to filter the data.  A tutorial for filtering the planner is in included below.

Planner details:

  • The planner does not include all online courses, but it does include the courses that are the most likely options for LIS majors. It does not include courses with substantial prerequisites, that most LIS majors would lack, or courses that are typically restricted to online majors in other programs.
  • The planner notes the following requirement categories for each course: General Education, ECCE, LIS elective, and Boyer categories.  This makes it easy to determine which courses fulfill multiple requirements.
  • Lower-division (100- and 200-level) courses are highlighted.  Remember: you can include as many as 72 hours of lower-division credit in your 120 hour degree so you should avoid the lower-division hours UNLESS you have fewer than 72 lower-division, or you need to complete a General Education requirement.

How to filter Google Sheets

Click on the course history/planner link to access the Google sheet.  You do not need to filter the course history/planner, but filtering the data may help you focus on the details more effectively.

Look for the filter icon (it looks like a funnel) in the top-left hand corner.  Click the icon and select “create temporary filter view” from the drop-down menu.


When you create the filter view, you will see an lined-triangle icon next to the heading of each column. Click on one of these heading icons to access the filter options for that column.


Click on “Sort A-Z” to sort the column alphabetically.

Look further down, and you will see a listing of every value for that column.  In this example, the column is noting which courses count toward the Boyer Art requirement.  Acceptable courses are noted with an “X” and unacceptable courses are not, so this list includes “blanks” and “x”. Currently, the sheet is displaying all courses, so there is a checkmark next to each of the entry types, to indicate that the sheet is displaying that data.  If you want to remove the blanks, so that the sheet only display acceptable Boyer Art courses, click on the checkmark next to “blanks” to remove it, and then click the OK button.



Here, you see the sheet displaying only Boyer Art options.  You can also see that the lined-triangle icon of the Art column has turned into black funnel icon, to indicate that this column has been filtered.  If you want to see the full list of courses again, you must click on the black funnel icon to access the filter options menu and either return the checkmark next to “blanks” or click the “select all” link, which selects all values for that column.



You can filter more than one column at a time.  For example, you could be looking for an ECCE course that is also an LIS elective course.  To do this, you would filter each column by removing the checkmark next to “blanks” on their filter options menu.  Realize that doing this will only display courses that are BOTH ECCE courses and LIS electives courses – you will see no ECCE that are not LIS electives or vice versa.