Preparing for LIS 451

The best time to prepare for LIS 451 is now, regardless of where you are in your degree.  You will take LIS 451 Senior Seminar in your final semester at UIS.  In this course, you will be required to write a paper that integrates and summarizes your learning.  This will require you to refer to all the syllabi, books, papers and learning projects from all the courses you’ve completed.

As you take courses, you should keep LIS 451 in mind.  Here are a few questions you might consider for each class.

  • What issues are framing my understanding of the course content?
  • How have the readings and text books expanded my perceptions and knowledge?
  • Are their quotes, from readings, faculty, or students, which opened a path of discovery and which are worth remembering?
  • What key insights have I gained from the course?
  • Have I discovered anything about my learning style?
  • How does the course content reflect Boyer’s philosophy of education?
  • How does the course content reflect the world in which I live?

Graduating seniors have suggested that LIS students should take the time at the end of each class to summarize what they have learned.  Keeping a journal with the answers to these, and other questions, will make your experience in LIS 451 more productive and fulfilling.