Work: The Value of Vocation

The following classes are examples of what students might include in their degree plans to address the WORK Boyer category.The list is simply representative and not intended to be an exclusive list of what students may take to address the WORK category.The largest portion of Liberal Studies students pursue their degrees online so the list includes mostly online courses.Student pursuing the degree on campus are able to draw from the full list of campus-based courses, most of which are not included here, as well as online courses.Students must meet minimum course prerequisites before attempting to enroll, so please read courses descriptions carefully.It is possible that enrollment in a class may be limited to students of that program in a given semester.

Online On Campus
ACC 311 – Administrative Uses of Accounting x x
COM 302 – Introduction to Interpersonal/Organizational Communication x x
COM 411 – Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication x
ECO 418 – Economic History of the United States x
EXL 300 – ECCE: General Applied Study Term x x
EXL 305 – Undergraduate Prior Learning Portfolio Development x
LIS 380 – Exploration of Learning Resources x x
LIS 499 – Independent Study: Tutorial x x
LES 446 – Family Law x x
MIS 352 – Principles of Management Information Systems x
MIS 423 – Decision Support Systems x
PHI 440 – Ethics x
SOA 441 – ECCE: Social Stratification x
SWK 366 – Culture, Diversity and Social Work x
WGS 301 – ECCE: Women, Gender, and Society x x