Online Courses Spring 2012

The courses listed on this page are hyperlinked to the actual UIS schedule.  You can follow this link to see useful information like the number of available spaces, course descriptions, and whether or not a waitlist exists.

Realize that this list only includes the course that are most likely options for onlne LIS majors. It does not include courses that some students may wish to consider: graduate level courses, Teacher Preparation, or courses in BUS, MGT, MAT, and CSC that require prerequisites that most LIS majors have not completed. Please use the UIS dynamic schedule to find the options.

Communication Technologies – 11797 – COM 341 – A

Introduction to Public Relations – 11860 – COM 362 – A

Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication – 11591 – COM 411 – B
Section A is restricted to COM majors. Please enroll in this section.

Topic:Glbl Media-Cultre/China – 11224 – COM 480 – B
Must meet online every Monday, 6 – 8:30 CST

Topic: Criminology of Sport – 11864 – CRJ 470 – A
Restricted to CRJ majors until April 9.

Law of Evidence – 11730 – CRJ 474 – A


ECCE classes

ECCE: Speakers Series

Engagement Experience

Contact the EXL program for details and permission to enroll in Applied Study Term, Project AST, and Prior Learning Portfolio Development. If you are interested, you might review their Social Responsibility and Leadership Development minor.


U.S. Communities

ECCE: African American Popular Culture – 11847 – AAS 375 – A

ECCE: Internet in American Life – 11583 – CSC 442 – A
ECCE: Internet in American Life – 10887 – CSC 442 – B

ECCE: Women and Criminal Justice – 11626 – CRJ 343 – A
Restricted to CRJ majors until April 30th.

ECCE: Race, Class, and Social Justice – 11809 – CRJ 347 – A

Global Awareness

ECCE: Global Greening for a Sustainable Future – 11594 – CHE 261 – A

ECCE: Emerging Diseases – 11648 – CLS 471 – A
ECCE: Emerging Diseases – 11658 – CLS 471 – B

ECCE: International Criminal Justice Systems – 11808 – CRJ 346 – A
ECCE: International Criminal Justice Systems – 11863 – CRJ 346 – B
Section A is restricted to CRJ majors until April 30th.

ECCE Elective only (cannot be used for ECCE category requirements.)


General Education

The following groups of courses are approved General Education courses and can be taken to fulfill requirements you might have.  Remember that your LIS degree must include 48 junior/senior level hours so, if at all possible, you should look for upper-level General Education courses.  If you are considering a 100-200 level course, I would encourage you to enroll in it so that you get a seat, but you should consult with your academic advisor to confirm that you can use it in your degree before the semester begins.

Must have passed ENG 101 or equivalent with a C or better.

Life Science with lab

Plants And Society – 10860 – BIO 305 – A

Life Science without lab

Plants And Society – 11117 – BIO 305 – B

Physical Science with a lab


Physical Science without lab


Fine Arts Humanity

Social Science

Juvenile Delinquency – 11371 – CRJ 231 – A

Contact Lynn Tilton,, for approval to enroll in Women, Gender, and Society

Contact Lynn Tilton,, for approval to enroll in Feminist Theories