Admission Requirements

The Liberal Studies major is offered in both campus and online formats.  When you apply, please note that both formats are listed as separate majors on the admission application.  The campus and online majors are identical, so you will earn the same degree no matter which you select.

Online courses can be taken by any LIS student, including campus majors, so the desire to include online courses in your degree does not mean that you should apply as an online major. You should only apply as an online major if you intend to complete 100% your degree online without regular visits to campus.

To apply to the UIS Liberal Studies program, please visit our Admissions webpage.

Admission to the campus major is open to any freshman or transfer student who meets UIS admission criteria.

Admission to the online majoris open to any transfer student who meets UIS admission criteria and who has earned at least 30 hours.  However, before you apply to the online major, please consider the following recommendations.

You may apply to UIS online

The Liberal Studies program does not have application deadlines, although we do recommend that you apply as early as possible so that, if you are admitted, you are able to register for classes at the start of the registration cycle of your semester of entry.

We recommend that you apply before the following dates:

Summer – March 15
Fall – March 15
Spring – October 15