Online Program Application

LIS1It is important to us that our students are satisfied with their experience at UIS.  This satisfaction begins with choosing an academic program that is suited to their goals.

The Liberal Studies program is a non-traditional option that allows students to create their own degree requirements.  While this sort of freedom is not for everyone, it may be a great option for:


  • Students who feel that their academic curiosity is limited by traditional degree programs.
  • Students who have interdisciplinary goals and wish to explore those goals by taking courses in many academic programs.
  • Students who approach their education as a path to personal growth and not simply as a way to train for a job.
  • Students who nearly completed a degree in the past and are looking for a practical path to graduation.

Please consider what our program can offer you before you decide to apply.  To start, review the follow content from our website:

Our Mission Statement

An overview of our curriculum

An overview of our degree requirements

If you still have questions, we’d be happy to discuss the program and how it might serve your needs. Please contact the program coordinator.

Are you prepared for online courses at UIS?

Before you apply to the online Liberal Studies program, please consider the following recommendations.

  • We recommend that you complete a full year of freshman composition courses before you apply to the online program.  If you have not done so, we will expect you to be enrolled in composition during your first UIS semester.
  • We recommend that you complete all Illinois General Education requirements before you apply to the online program.  You may apply and be admitted to the online program without completed the full list of General Education requirements but you may be directed to a local community college to complete missing requirements.
  • All UIS graduates must complete at least one General Education math course.  Typically, a recent high school graduate who has completed three years of college preparatory math (algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, pre-calculus, trigonometry, and calculus) will enter UIS prepared to take a college-level General Education math course.  If you did not take college preparatory math in high school or, if you did so many years ago, then it is likely that you will need developmental math course(s) before you can enroll in the required General Education math course.  UIS does not offer developmental math in an online format so you will need to work with you local community college to complete the required math course(s).  Please realize that if you need developmental math course(s), you will be enrolled in multiple semesters of math.  If you delay starting on this path, you will delay your graduation timeline.

If you have not completed the Illinois General Education curriculum, we would be happy to review your transcripts to help you determine exactly where you stand so that you might make an informed decision to apply for admission.  Please contact our Program Coordinator.

You can apply online.

Computer Requirements

The Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning suggests that your computer meets minimum requirements to take an online course at UIS. Visit the UIS Online website to learn about these requirements.