Nature: Ecology of the Planet

The following classes are examples of what students might include in their degree plans to address the NATURE Boyer category.The list is simply representative and not intended to be an exclusive list of what students may take to address the NATURE category.The largest portion of Liberal Studies students pursue their degrees online so the list includes mostly online courses.Student pursuing the degree on campus are able to draw from the full list of campus-based courses, most of which are not included here, as well as online courses.Students must meet minimum course prerequisites before attempting to enroll, so please read courses descriptions carefully.It is possible that enrollment in a class may be limited to students of that program in a given semester.

Online On Campus
BIO 305 – Plants And Society x
BIO 429 – Human Physiology x
CHE 137 – Chemistry Cooks x
CHE 311 – Chemistry Of Everyday Life x
CHE 315 – Introduction to Forensic Science x x
CHE 465 – Environmental Toxicology x x
ENS 403 – Transportation: Problems and Planning Procedures x
ENS 412 – World Environmental Thought x
ENS 418 – American Environmental History x
ENS 419 – Environmental Law
ENS 445 – Biology Of Water Pollution x x
ENS 461 – ECCE: Geopolitics: Geographical Aspects of International Affairs x
ENS 463 – Our Changing Climate x
ENS 468 – Environmental Geology
ENS 485 – Environmental Policies: Water Quality x
EXL 300 – ECCE: General Applied Study Term x x
EXL 305 – Undergraduate Prior Learning Portfolio Development x x
LIS 380 – Exploration of Learning Resources x x
LIS 460 – Water: An American Perspective (formerly LSC 414) x
LIS 460 – The Nature Of Human Nature (formerly LSC 415) x
MPH 222 – ECCE: Global Health Issues x
MPH 408 – ECCE: Addiction x
MPH 449 – Environmental Toxicology x x
MPH 450 – ECCE: Chemicals and the Citizen x
MPH 478 – ECCE: Crisis in Environmental Health x
LIS 499 – Independent Study: Tutorial x x
PHI 452 – Perspectives On Human Nature x
PHI 471 – Philosophy of Science x
PSY 327 – Educational Psychology x