Language: The Crucial Connection

The following classes are examples of what students might include in their degree plans to address the LANGUAGE Boyer category.The list is simply representative and not intended to be an exclusive list of what students may take to address the LANGUAGE category.The largest portion of Liberal Studies students pursue their degrees online so the list includes mostly online courses.Student pursuing the degree on campus are able to draw from the full list of campus-based courses, most of which are not included here, as well as online courses.Students must meet minimum course prerequisites before attempting to enroll, so please read courses descriptions carefully.It is possible that enrollment in a class may be limited to students of that program in a given semester.

Online On Campus
AAS 460 – Topics in Africana Literature x x
COM 302 – Introduction to Interpersonal/Organizational Communication x x
COM 411 – Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication x
COM 462 – Writing For Public Relations
COM 463 – Organizational Communication x x
COM 472 – Political Communication in the United States x x
CRJ 337 – Corrections and the Mass Media x x
ENG 237 – Introduction to Literature x x
ENG 315 – The British Victorian Novel x x
ENG 335 – Early American Literature x x
ENG 336 – American Literature-1865 to the Present x x
ENG 375 – Expository Writing x x
ENG 400 – The Shakespeare Project x
ENG 410 – Major Figures in British Literature: 1700 to 1900 x x
ENG 420 – Major Figures in British Literature Since 1900 x
ENG 422 – Contemporary British Literature x
ENG 436 – The American Novel, 1865-1915 x x
ENG 442 – Contemporary American Novel x x
ENG 460 – Themes in Literature x x
ENG 465 – History of the English Language x
ENG 470 – Creative Writing x
ENG 474 – Professional and Technical Writing x
LIS 380 – Exploration of Learning Resources x x
LIS 499 – Independent Study: Tutorial x x
PHI 301 – Critical Thinking x
PHI 481 – Philosophy of Language x