Identity – The Search for Meaning

Students who have experience exploring their own identity outside of an academic setting may submit an brief essay explaining the experience to justify not taking additional coursework in the Identity category so that they may instead focus on categories they would like to strengthen.  There are several ways in which people might have explored their own identity.  For example,  psychotherapy and meditation are explicitly activities that explore identity.

Courses that have been used to explore this category

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Applied Study Opportunities

ENG 462/WMS 462- Images of Women in Literature

ENG 466 – Multicultural American Women’s Literature

ENG 470 – Creative Writing

ENG 486 – Childhood’s Past

LIS Independent Study Opportunities

LIS 301 – Self-Directed Learning

LIS 342 – Conducting Liberal Studies Research

LIS 360 – Special Topics in Liberal Studies

LIS 460 – Special Topics in Liberal Studies

LIS 451 – Senior Seminar

LSC 415 – The Nature Of Human Nature

PAC 406 – Dealing With Diversity

PAC 434 – The Changing American Family and Public Policy

PAC 446 – Population and Public Policy

PHI 301 – Critical Thinking

PHI 315 – Comparative Philosophy of Religion

PHI 421 – Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

PHI 425 – History of Modern Philosophy

PHI 440 – Ethics

PHI 441 – Moral Theory

PHI 447 – Rationality and Moral Choice

PHI 452 – Perspectives On Human Nature

PSY 313 – Critical Thinking

PSY 323 – Adolescence

PSY 324 – Exceptional Child

PSY 327 – Educational Psychology

SOA 335 – Jazz In American Culture

SOA 455 – Women in Political Movements: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

SWK 382/WMS 382- Women, Gender and Society

SWK 425 – Social Work and Substance Abuse