Identity: The Search for Meaning

The following classes are examples of what students might include in their degree plans to address the IDENTITY Boyer category.The list is simply representative and not intended to be an exclusive list of what students may take to address the IDENTITY category.The largest portion of Liberal Studies students pursue their degrees online so the list includes mostly online courses.Student pursuing the degree on campus are able to draw from the full list of campus-based courses, most of which are not included here, as well as online courses.Students must meet minimum course prerequisites before attempting to enroll so please read courses descriptions carefully.It is possible that enrollment in a class may be limited to students of that program in a given semester.

Online On Campus
AAS 460 – Topics in Africana Literature x
CRJ 231 – Juvenile Delinquency x
ENG 335 – Early American Literature x
ENG 470 – Creative Writing x
ENG 486 – Childhood’s Past x x
EXL 300 – ECCE: General Applied Study Term x x
EXL 305 – Undergraduate Prior Learning Portfolio Development x x
EXL 360 – ECCE: Social Change and Leadership x x
HIS 201 – World History x
LIS 301 – Self-Directed Learning x x
LIS 342 – Conducting Liberal Studies Research x
LIS 360 – Special Topics in Liberal Studies x
LIS 380 – Exploration of Learning Resources x x
LIS 460 – Special Topics in Liberal Studies x
LIS 451 – Senior Seminar x
LIS 499 – Independent Study: Tutorial x x
MPH 408 – ECCE: Addiction x
PHI 301 – Critical Thinking x
PHI 312 – Philosophy and Animals x
PHI 315 – Comparative Philosophy of Religion x
PHI 421 – Ancient & Medieval Philosophy x
PHI 425 – History of Modern Philosophy x
PHI 440 – Ethics x x
PHI 441 – Moral Theory x
PHI 442 – Applied Ethics:Computer Ethics x
PHI 447 – Rationality and Moral Choice x
PHI 448 – Moral Values in Political Philosophy x
PHI 452 – Perspectives On Human Nature x
PHI 453 – Person, Identity, and Dignity x
PHI 458 – Classical Greek Wisdom x
PHI 471 – Philosophy of Science x
PHI 472 – Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology x
PHI 473 – Philosophy of Mind x
PSY 321 – Life-span Developmental Psychology
PSY 323 – Adolescence x x
PSY 324 – Exceptional Child x x
PSY 326 – Family Psychology x x
PSY 327 – Educational Psychology x x
PSY 331 – Social Psychology x
SOA 232 – Juvenile Delinquency x x
SOA 335 – Jazz In American Culture x
SWK 425 – Social Work and Substance Abuse x
WGS 301 – ECCE: Women, Gender, and Society x x