Online Courses Spring 2008

Group 1 courses have no restrictions in place so all students are free to enroll as long as space remains.  Since these courses are open to anyone, they are likely to fill up quickly.  If you plan to take any Group 1 course, you should enroll at the earliest possible moment.  If you have questions about the class or whether it is the right course for you, enroll now and then ask your questions.  You can always drop the course if you determine it isn’t right for you, but waiting to determine this fact may result in the class filling up without you.


Group 2 courses require permission to enroll.  I have provided the contact information for the person who can provide this permission.   You should request this permission as soon as you determine you are interested in the course.  You don’t need to wait until you are able to register or until you have finalized other course choices.

There may be a delay between requesting permission and receiving a response.  If you have the opportunity to enroll in other courses during this delay, please do so since waiting may result in your other courses filling up.


Group 3 courses are restricted to specific majors.  Classes restricted to LIS majors are open to LIS majors as if they were Group 1 courses, but courses restricted to other majors are not available at this time.

Restricted courses are a way for programs to insure that their majors have access to classes they need to graduate.  In many cases, the classes are not filled up by program majors and the seats are made available to LIS majors.  I will send out details when these classes become available so it is worth considering classes restricted to other majors.



There are two types of waitlists – formal and informal.

A formal waitlist is created in the registration system.  There are pros and cons to having a waitlist so faculty members must request a formal waitlist.  This means that not every class will have a formal waitlist.

If you attempt to register in a class that has filled class and that class has a formal waitlist, you will be offered a space on the waitlist.  If an enrolled student drops the class, only waitlisted students will be able to fill the opening.  If you are waitlisted, it would be worth your time to check the schedule from time to time to see if a space has opened.  The first student on the waitlist is able to enroll in an open space with no permission so you should try to register.  If you aren’t able to register, contact the program and ask for permission to enroll.  It will be the program’s call whether to give you that permission or not, but bringing the opening to their attention is often rewarded.

Informal waitlists are usually created for Group 2 courses – the system does not allow waitlists for classes that require permission.  Informal waitlist are kept by the person granting permission and this person generally monitors the class list to see if someone drops and contacts the next person on the list to see if they are still interested in the course.