Online Education is an Affordable Option

In today’s economy, potential students must balance the need to invest in their education and their future with the increasing costs of more basic needs like housing, groceries, and energy.

Students admitted to online degree programs are charged an e-tuition rate, regardless of where the student lives.  In addition, online students pay less than campus-based students for student service fees since they are not able to use every service available to our campus-based students.

You can use our tuition calculator to estimate your cost for a semester.

Please note that e-tuition rates are based upon when you enter UIS and will remain in place for 4 academic years.

Illinois Students:

You may notice that e-tuition is higher than the tuition rate we charge Illinois residents attending class on our campus. Once you factor in fees, most Illinios students, particularly part-time students, admitted to online programs pay less than Illinois students on our campus.

Students From Other States:

E-tuition is significantly less than the tuition rate we charge non-resident students attending class on our campus. Once you factor in fees, students admitted to online programs who live outside Illinois pay nearly half of what they might pay if they were attending classes here on our campus.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Federal and State grants by completing the FAFSA and to apply for UIS scholarships.