Capitol Scholars LES Major

Specific information on the Capital Scholars Honors Program is available at on the Capital Scholars website.   

During the first two years, the Legal Studies Department recommends that students complete courses that emphasize creative and expository writing, communications skills, logic, critical thinking, American history, and statistics and/or survey research methods. All Capitol Scholars intending to become Legal Studies majors should take LES 201: Introduction to the American Political System and LES 202: Introduction to the American Legal System prior to taking any other Legal Studies courses.

Legal Studies requires all of its majors to include an applied internship (IPL 300). Applied internships are taken after the student has successfully completed both LES 401 and LES 402 or LES 472. Many Legal Studies placements for applied internships are paid positions. They must be arranged prior to the semester in which they are to be taken. Specific information on applied internships is available at Internships and Prior Learning.

Details for completing the Legal Studies major in conjunction with a semester abroad should be worked out with your Legal Studies adviser beginning as early in your academic career as possible.

Course levels are designated by the numerical prefix which precedes them. 500 level courses are for graduate students only. The Department reserves the right to cancel the registration and remove students from courses for which they have not had the necessary prerequisites or which are inappropriate for someone of their academic status. Checking with an academic adviser in the Department prior to registering for courses will prevent inappropriate course registration problems.