In Legal Studies, we take the Studentsmystery out of law. Our students learn the role of law in society and how the law is created, applied, interpreted, and changed. Legal Studies is a rigorous curriculum, and in all our classes, students learn to do legal research, writing, and advocacy.

We emphasize excellent writing and oral communication skills so that students can both find answers and communicate those answers to the people around them. Our learning environments are dynamic and students are given the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

We offer a wide variety of classes that accommodate students’ varying schedules.  Our classes are offered both during the day and night on campus and we also offer 100% online classes and blended classes (50% online and 50% on campus).  In addition to our robust curriculum and flexible schedule our faculty provide our students the individual advising and personal attention they need to succeed.

Legal Studies News – What’s New

Legal Studies students also have an opportunity to participate in the Mock Trial Club. Mock trial is an academic competition that provides students the chance to hone valuable skills, including critical thinking, active listening, public speaking, and teamwork.

Law Schools Accepting UIS Students

For students interested in law school, our students have been accepted to top law schools nationwide, recently including Boston University, Cornell, Fordham, Duke, UCLA, Emory, George Washington University, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Colorado, University of Iowa, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Indiana University – Bloomington, University of Maryland, University of Minnesota, UNLV, University of North Carolina, and University of Southern California.

Posted 12 10 2020