Eugene McCarthy

Eugene McCarthy

Eugene McCarthy
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies

PhD, University of California, Berkeley
JD, The UCLA School of Law
MA, University of California, Berkeley
MA, The Pennsylvania State University

Telephone: (217) 206-8343
Office: PAC 336

Eugene McCarthy’s research and teaching are engaged with constitutional law, corporate law, law, culture, and the humanities, legal rhetoric and philosophy, and legal history. His primary intellectual focus is on comprehending and explaining problematic or obscure areas of the law through historical, cultural, and literary texts. He is currently engaged in scholarship relating to constitutional hermeneutics, corporations and the law, the pharmaceutical industry, and the role of special interests in American legal institutions. Eugene earned his PhD in rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley, his law degree from the UCLA School of Law, and his M.A. in English literature from the Pennsylvania State University. He also practiced as an attorney at one of the nation’s top law firms. Eugene’s current book project investigates the role that nineteenth-century corporate law played in shaping American culture and society.

Selected Publications
“In Defense of Griswold v. Connecticut: Privacy, Originalism, and the Iceberg Theory of Omission,” Willamette Law Review 54:2 (forthcoming)

(Review) Clare, Ralph. Fictions Inc.: The Corporation in Postmodern Fiction, Film, and Popular Culture, Law, Culture and the Humanities 13(1) 173-176, 2017.