Graduate Overview

Master of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
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Many professionals need a comprehensive understanding of what the legal system is, how it works, how it interrelates with social change, and how it assists people in asserting their rights. The Master of Arts in Legal Studies addresses these needs within the framework of an interdisciplinary liberal arts education.

M.A. students work with professors, not teaching assistants. We offer small class sizes to facilitate learning and clinical education opportunities. M.A. students tailor their degrees to suit their needs and interests.

Both the Master of Arts Degree in Legal Studies offered on campus, and the online program allow students to gain professional skills, as well as study legal theory and the role of law in American society. The Legal Studies M.A. provides students with a broad general understanding of the legal system, how it works, how it interrelates with societal change, and how citizens can assert their rights within the legal system.

The degree is particularly suited for U.S. students who are pursing professions where practical knowledge of the law and legal system is required; participating in judicial processes as witnesses, investigators, or resource persons; enforcing compliance with the law, working with legal forms or requirements; or needing to know how legal regulations affect businesses. It is also useful for those who practice law in another country, who are required to interact with U.S. lawyers and businesses, but do no need to be a U.S. lawyer.

The curriculum seeks to develop students’ professional and scholarly abilities with a view to the kinds of skills they will need in law-related careers or more advanced studies. Particular emphasis is placed on analytical thinking, research, and writing skills. Our online students have the same curriculum requirements as our on campus students.