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Dr. Anette Sikka is the first to be featured in UIS’s newest blog, Star Scholars,  focusing on the scholarly work she has provided in regards to the current and on going issues surrounding immigration.


Dr. Gwen Jordan recently contributed in the book Woman In International and Universal Exhibitions 1876-1937, Myriam Boussahba-Bravard and Rebecca Rogers, eds. (London: Routledge). Her chapter titled, “”After Mature Deliberation’: Women Lawyers’ Infiltration of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition” discusses how women lawyers use efforts to establish their professional identity. Dr. Jordan has a forthcoming publication “A Woman of Strange, Unfathomable Presence”: Ida Platt’s Lived Experience of Race, Gender, and Law, 1863-1939,” in Culture– Identity – Legal Instrumentalism, Anna Klimaszewska and Michal Galedek, eds. (Gdansk, Poland: Gdansk University Press, forthcoming 2018) in which she divulges into how Platt’s life and career offers insight on how law and the legal profession responded to the complexities of race and gender.


Professor Deborah Anthony’s new article forthcoming in the Hastings Women’s Law Journal of the University of California Hastings College of Law, entitled Analyzing the Disappearance of Women’s Surnames and the Retrenchment of their Political-Legal Status in Early Modern England​.  It is scheduled for publication in their Fall 2017 journal.


Dr. Riaz Tejani’s most recent book Law Mart: Justice, Access and For-Profit Law Schools, (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2017) is available for purchase now. Prof. Tejani can be seen discussing this book on Chicago Tonight. He also conducted an ECCE Series in September 2017.

Legal Studies Events

New Internship being offered this Spring! Dr. Anette Sikka is offering an internship for LES students.  These internships can count towards the LES internship requirement and are listed on the LES Internships page. (UIS Immigration Research Project)

You would work with Dr. Sikka on two immigration-related projects, one of which is also associated with the Illinois Innocence Project.  Students will help Dr. Sikka organize, gather and analyze data on non-citizen defendants and witnesses in criminal proceedings and fears around immigration consequences.

Contact the UIS Internships Office for more information on how to apply for EXL301 and earn credit for this experience.


Immigration and the UIS community Brown Bag Series. Tuesday November 28 12p-1p PAC F
Dr. Anette Sikka joined with The Diversity Center to create and discuss current issues surrounding immigration with a new interactive website.