About the Department

Justice StatueThe need for professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the law is growing and those prepared to help others navigate the complex world of regulations and individual rights are in demand.

In the bachelor’s degree program, you’ll learn how the legal system works, how it interrelates with social change, and how it assists people in asserting their rights. The master’s degree curriculum seeks to develop the professional and scholarly abilities needed for law related careers or more advanced studies.

The Legal Studies Department emphasizes law in a societal context within a broad-based liberal arts curriculum. The department seeks to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of the legal system and to enhance skills in analytical thinking, research, and writing. The department also seeks to develop professional and scholarly skills that graduates will need in law-related careers or graduate-level studies.

The objectives of the Legal Studies Department are:

  1. To develop analytical skills necessary to appreciate law as a social phenomenon,
  2. To develop an understanding of how law is created, applied, interpreted, and changed,
  3. To impart knowledge of substantive areas of the law,
  4. To provide working experience in legal environments,
  5. To perfect student skills in legal research, writing, and analysis, and
  6. To provide an interdisciplinary liberal arts education.