Program Objectives

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UIS, all students should be able to do the following:

  1. Given a specific, solvable symbol manipulation task, develop a specification, a design, and tests for an automated solution for that task.
  2. Demonstrate programming efficiency in at least one high level modern programming language.
  3. Relate high level programming constructs to their low level implementations.
  4. Distinguish tractable from intractable problems; those which admit an efficient solution, from those that do not.  Whenever feasible, evaluate the efficiency of algorithms both analytically and empirically.
  5. Explain the fundamental, circuitry level operation of current computing machinery.
  6. Articulate fundamental social responsibilities of computing professionals.
  7. Master communication skills, including technical writing, public speaking, and electronic presentation.
  8. Additionally, those students in the Systems Security and Information Assurance Emphasis should be able to assess and identify vulnerabilities in networks, as well as design and implement secure systems that support the concepts of information assurance.