Faculty Credentials

Dr. Sviatoslav (Svet) Braynov joined the UIS faculty in the fall of 2004 as an Assistant Professor. He has published more than 40 papers in refereed conferences and journals. He was also an invited speaker to several conferences, delivered several tutorials, and has served as a co-chair and a program committee member of more than 40 international conferences and workshops. During the review period, Dr. Braynov published nine papers in refereed conferences and journals, served on the program committee of 19 conferences, co-chaired 6 workshops, and presented three invited talks and tutorials. His research interests include computer security, information warfare, electronic commerce, artificial intelligence, and game theory.

Ms. Lucinda M. Caughey graduated from St. Louis University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering in 1984. She worked in the Aerospace Industry for sixteen years specializing in propulsion test, data acquisition, and data analysis. Lucinda completed a MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Springfield in 2001. She taught as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas from Fall 2000 through Summer 2006. She joined the faculty of University of Illinois Springfield as an Instructor in the fall semester of 2006. She is currently working on her PhD in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University. Her research interests include Agent-based Parallel and Distributed Graphics, Robot Vision, and the Semantic Web.

Dr. Kamyar Dezhgosha joined Computer Science department at UIS in August 2002. He regularly teaches graduate and upper-division courses in Java Network Programming, Distributed Computing and Object-oriented Design. His current research interests are in Internet Computing, Distributed Computing and Semantic Web. He has supervised over 55 Master Projects leading to five conference papers and two CSC Outstanding Master’s Project selections in the past 5 years. Before joining UIS, Dr. Dezhgosha had worked for over 13 years in both academia and industry. He has conducted research in high-speed networking, web-based application development, image compression, and performance evaluation in network-based parallel computing. He has been Principal Investigator for several research grants and contracts funded by NASA, JPL and NSF.

Dr. Chung-Wei Lee joined the faculty at the UIS in 2006. He has published more than 30 papers/articles in research journals, conference proceedings, and books in the areas of wireless networking, mobile computing/commerce, Internet QoS, network security, and networked multimedia systems. Dr. Lee has received competitive grants from National Science Foundation and US Department of Education for research and teaching in wireless multimedia network technology.

Since the last department review in 2000, Dr. Ted Mims has presented or published 5 times at conferences and in publications. He has received grant funding from the National Science Foundation and Cisco Systems.   Dr. Mims is the Co-Principal Investigator on the NSF/ATE funded Regional Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA). Dr. Mims’ work in networks, systems security, information assurance and computer science education has been recognized by both academia and the computer industry.  With the growth of the UIS Computer Science Department, Dr. Mims’ main focus is on his administrative duties as department chair and principal investigator on the CSSIA grant.

Ms. Janis Rose taught at Illinois College, Springfield College in Illinois and Lincoln Land Community college until 1993. In 1994 she became the Director of Education and Business Development at CenCom, where she offered the first online course over the Internet on record.

In 1996 she established the Internet Studio in Springfield, implementing online courses nationwide and in 11 foreign countries on subjects including HTML, Online Privacy, and Legal Issues on the Internet. Her clients have included the Illinois Speaker of the House, Governor, professionals from CILCO, Ameritech, the State Attorney and statewide educators. In 2001 she started a Cisco Networking Academy at CACC and began teaching at UIS as an Adjunct Professor, offering courses in Networking, Advanced Routing, Multilayered Switching, Remote Access, Internetwork Troubleshooting, Data Assurance and Network Security. She obtained CCNA, CCNP, MCP, CCAI, and Security+Industry Certifications. In 2007, Cisco recognized her excellence in the classroom by presenting her with one of only three national 3-R Instructor Awards. She has been a featured speaker for numerous conferences and organizations including ISSA, ASIS and ISAC. She participates in the Infrastructure Security Awareness (ISA) Program for the State of Illinois. She is a partner member of CSSIA, a grant funded by the National Science Foundation and is currently serving as President of InfraGard-Illinois, a partnership between the FBI and private industry Subject Matter Experts formed to address cyber threats to national, critical infrastructures. She serves on the International Ethics Committee of ISSA and is on the National Ethics Board of InfraGard. She is also currently serving as Chair of the InfraGard National Awards Committee.

Ms. Mary Sheila Tracy joined the faculty in August, 1999 as the first full-time instructor in the UIS CS department. She regularly teaches introductory programming courses in different languages, as well as upper-division courses in foundational topics for computer science and usability engineering both on ground and online. She serves as the undergraduate coordinator. Her current research interests are online computer science education and usability engineering. Prior to being invited to join the faculty, Mary Sheila worked as a programmer/analyst for Sangamon State University/UIS/AITS for twelve years. She earned her Master of Arts in Computer Science from UIS. She made her first conference presentation last spring.

Dr. Roger West joined the Computer Science faculty at UIS in 2001. Courses he has taught include Data Structures & Algorithms, Software Engineering Capstone, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, and Biometric Authentication. He has taught both on campus and online, and he created all the online course materials for the above-mentioned courses. Prior to joining UIS, Dr. West received his Ph.D. in Microbiology, studying the molecular genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease. As a postdoctoral researcher he studied genetic mechanisms of aging. Dr. West’s accomplishments include 4 journal articles, 2 published conference abstracts, and 6 conference presentations.


All UIS CS faculty members use Blackboard in their teaching. Online classes are conducted exclusively with this course delivery technology, and assignments and “handouts” for on ground courses are now done mostly via Blackboard. Thanks to grants from CISCO, the National Science Foundation, Microsoft and UIS, Computer Science students have access to first class computer laboratories. These facilities are available to both on ground and online students.