Service-Learning courses are great ways to introduce new opportunities to you and the local community.  These opportunities provide benefits to all parties involved by giving you a new avenue of learning, giving faculty a new way of teaching, and giving communities the support and assistance they need of a local university.

Student Benefits

  • Provides you with real-life application of what you learn in the classroom
  • Helps prepare you for the world of work by exposure to the workings of various agencies
  • Gives you the opportunity to explore possible college majors and future careers
  • Students have the potential to gain professional skills and knowledge in agency settings
  • Enhances employability, and you may receive job offers, and/or scholarships from service-learning opportunities
  • Makes curriculum relevant to your life, making learning more useful
  • Increases your awareness of current societal issues
  • Encourages multicultural awareness, and promotes the value of diversity
  • Develops critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Promotes community and civic responsibility, and allows you to serve as an involved citizen in your community
  • Promotes your intellectual growth, leadership development, and personal and social growth, including interpersonal and communication skills