Summer Teacher Workshops

Both summer sessions:

4 half days Monday – Thursday (4 hours) in an online environment working through conversations with the instructor live via Zoom and other activities. Participants will earn 15 CPDUs, 2 CEUs and a digital badge. Register today!


Social Justice Academy: Working Toward Educational Equity Workshop

The purpose of the Social Justice Academy: Working toward Educational Equity workshop is to acquaint participants with the latest research on the need for educational equity and cultural responsive classrooms, to guide participants in creating their own culturally responsive classrooms and schools, and to guide participants in the development of strategies to advocate for their own students.

  • Participants will understand the relevance of creating culturally relevant, socially just classrooms.
  • Participants will create their own culturally sustaining classroom and/or school resources. Participants will develop and share strategies on how to best advocate for their students.

A text is required for this workshop. Students must purchase We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Bettina Love before the first session. Completers will earn a digital badge for social justice educational advocacy.


Work-Life Integration Workshop

The purpose of this workshop will be to acquaint participants with the latest research on work/life integration and how to manage the important aspects of their lives. The practice of meditation and mindfulness will be addressed, as well. Working toward Work-Life Integration will engage participants during the training through analysis, discovery, and application of the latest research on the elements of life: work, community, wellness, and home; participants will develop their own strategies for integrating these, which will impact their well-being.