Student Testimonials


“Having never taught online or even taken an online course, I knew I had a lot to learn. Reading about, researching, and discussing best practices in online instruction, course design, and the creation of an environment which promotes student satisfaction and success has been enlightening and has already boosted my confidence. I would recommend all instructors teaching online take the courses offered through UIS. The Overview course is exactly what I hoped for when I enrolled. I’m also enjoying being a student again! It’s been a long time”.

Jennifer Huggins, Interim Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of English and Communication – Kankakee Community College 

Course Comments –

Instructional Design

“All my questions were answered! Thank you so so much for a great semester!”

“I’m not sure what question I originally wanted answered, but I do feel like this course provided a fantastic approach to designing an online course. I have taught many online courses, but this gave me a fresh perspective on the process so I can improve what I have been doing and add crucial parts of the process that I had unknowingly been omitting. Thank you!”   2020

Blended Learning  

“The most significant learning moment I experienced in this course was the lively interaction with my classmates in the discussion forums on various aspects of designing blended learning courses.”   2020

Overview of Online Instruction

“I have been able to implement many strategies I learned in your class and I have noticed significant results right away. I am especially thankful for the ways in which you helped me to conceptualize tasks and assignments beyond the written word submissions and usual journals and papers”.   2019

“I recently completed you online overview course, and I just wanted to thank you again for such a great experience. ” 2020