The resources in our Online Education Resources section represent a selected list of resources dealing with various aspects of online education and the online environment in general. ION has been developing these resources since the mid 1990s, and they have been divided into the categories shown below. 

Online Education Overview
Online Learning Overview, Libraries Online, Successful Programs, Glossary, Tips

Assessment and Evaluation Topics
Evaluation of Online Course, Programs, Resources; Student Assessment

Instructional Design
Models, Theories, Hybrid Courses , Course Objectives, Effective Strategies

Pedagogy and Learning
Facilitation, Guest Lectures, Learning, Successful Instructor/Student

Encouraging, Synergy, Tools

Online Education Information
Forums, Journals

Software and Technology
Principles, Tutorials, Multimedia; Where to Go

Accessibility, Usability

Intellectual Property
Copyright, Fair Use, Employee Agreements, TEACH Act