Traci Van Prooyen

With over twenty years of teaching experience in high school and higher education settings (in face-to-face and in online classrooms), Traci brings her educational experiences in the support of faculty in their understanding and application of the unique features of online and hybrid instruction as well as in the purposeful integration of technology to enhance student learning. As a life-long learner, her presentation, publication and research areas of interest include the dispositions of teachers and the incorporation of emerging technologies (MOOCs, wearables, augmented reality, etc.) to support effective teaching and to meet the learning needs of a diverse student population.

  • B.A. – Christian Education (Moody Bible Institute -Chicago, IL -1991)
  • B.A. – Secondary Education -Social Sciences (Illinois State University -Normal, IL -1994)
  • M.A. – Counseling -School and Agency (Bradley University -Peoria, IL -2002)
  • Ed.D. – Curriculum and Instruction (Illinois State University -Normal, IL -2013)