Leaunda Hemphill

Hi! My name is Leaunda Hemphill and I teach at Western Illinois University in the Instructional Design and Technology Department. At National-Louis University, I taught educators to use technology effectively in their instructional planning and with their students in the classroom. I taught Prairie State College faculty how to integrate technology in their instruction. I also taught English and computer applications classes using web-based course manager software packages.

I have a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and have worked in instructional design, training delivery, and cutting-edge technology in corporate and academic organizations. I also have a M.S. in English, a B.S. in Secondary Education (teaching certification in English and Earth Science), and a B.S. in Geology. I have completed my ION Master Online Teacher Certificate and my Certified Online Learning Administrator Certificate. Interestingly, all my career choices have led back to teaching and training. I love teaching and training students of diverse ages, abilities, cultures, and professions.

I am passionate about developing effective instruction (including the assessment component) and conducting professional development. Here are examples of my past and present staff and teacher development projects/jobs:

  • Over ten years conducting training and instructional material for clients, sales representatives, and employees at engineering-related firms.
  • Over 20 years developing, conducting, and evaluating training and instructional/promotional material for clients of my co-owned corporation.
  • Over 15 years developing and evaluating e-learning and blended learning products, including coursework and “just-in-time” training material.
  • Over 22 years conducting and evaluating professional development for K12 and higher education administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Examples of this PD training include: evaluation of district-wide technology courses for students and administrators; cyber bullying policies and solution workshops for K12 administrators; head of the teaching and learning center at Prairie State College; technology integration coursework and workshops (standards driven) for K12 teachers and administrators; e-learning and blended professional development for non-English speaking educators, and teaching pedagogy/technology tools for university faculty.