Badges recognize achievements in professional development.

What happens before, during, and after I earn an ION badge?

Getting an ION badge starts with completing two or more of the ION eight-week or four-week course combinations. Whenever you complete a combination described above you instantly become eligible to receive the badge. You will be notified via e-mail of your achievement and provided a link to follow to claim your badge. You will be notified vie e-mail of your achievement and provided a link to follow to claim your badge. After you have claimed your badge, you will see the badges you have earned on ….

Should you wish to do so, you may copy your badge (and its link) and paste it into your e-mail signature, your personal homepage, or faculty webpage. The link information that will allow others to authenticate your badge. In other words:

  1. Complete any badge sequence
  2. Follow the link to claim your badge
  3. Copy the badge icon in a suitable size then paste it to where you wish to show it (i.e. your email signature)
  4. Apply this the hyperlink to the icon you pasted

Now, when someone sees your badges, they can verify the authenticity by clicking the link.

ION Badge History

Until the end of 2016, ION awarded digital badges that relied on a cooperative relationship with the Mozilla Backpack/Persona project. Mozilla is withdrawing support for that initiative and ION is taking a different path. If you claimed and uploaded badges in the past to your Mozilla backpack, they should still be there but we cannot promise how long they will last. ION badges were hosted on the ION site from 2016 to 2018.

Beginning in 2019, new ION badges are hosted on Credly.