International Ambassadors

International Ambassadors serve the office of International Student Services during international student orientation week and throughout the year with additional programming events. The Ambassadors provide an enthusiastic commitment to international students.

International Ambassadors assist international students in their cultural and social adjustment to the UIS campus. The International Ambassadors are involved in many campus clubs and activities and are great resources for our students. You will see them around campus for events like Orientation, the International Festival, as well as many of the other programming activities offered by ISS.

Please see our Cultural and Educational Events for information on all current programming. They are supervised by the ISS Program Coordinator, Erika Suzuki, and work closely with her to help make ISS events a success.

Spring 2022 International Student Ambassadors: Sam Nunes, Seiwa Murakawa, Abhishek Soni

Fall 2021 International Student Ambassadors: Sam Nunes,  Soyeon Na,  Minh Truc Quynh Tran, Seiwa Murakawa, Abhishek Soni 

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 International Student Ambassadors:


Spring 2020 International Student Ambassadors: Maegan Flight, Joseph Kalala, Spencer Lopez, Ocean Pangan, Julia Wasik, Zehra Ozkan Shahidi

(Left to Right: Maegan Flight, Ocean Pangan, Julia Wasik, Zehra Ozkan Shahidi, Spencer Lopez)

Fall 2019 International Student Ambassadors: Maegan Flight, Srujani Ginnaram, Zehra Ozkan Shahidi

UIS International Ambassadors
(Left to Right: Maegan Flight, Samantha Hwang, Srujani Ginnaram, Zehra Özkan Shahidi, Divya Shet)