Meet Your Classmates

My UIS life. What will yours look like?

Meet some students who are defining their UIS lives.

Ashley Bowers

Major:  Chemistry

For Meet Your ClassmatesWhen Ashley Bowers aims for a goal, she aims high. She thought she’d become a doctor, but thanks to a terrific internship at the Argonne National Laboratory, she’s seen what the life of a scientist can be like. She’s intrigued, so perhaps she’ll become a scientist. In the meantime, you may see her zipping to class across campus on her longboard, or you may meet her when she’s out removing invasive species from Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge, or perhaps you’ll be on her Springfest team. (She was on the winning team her freshman year.)

Garrie Allen

Major: Political Science

For Meet your Classmates 2Garrie Allen is passionate about fairness. It makes him crazy when people write off unfair circumstances by saying life isn’t fair. That’s why he’s majoring in political science; he wants to help make life as fair as possible for people. And while he enjoys letting his imagination misbehave through his science fiction writing, and sometimes dreams of being an author, he knows he won’t truly be satisfied unless he’s helping those less fortunate than himself.

Alicia Woodman

Major: Legal Studies and Communication

Alicia Woodman Photo (pages 16-17)Alicia Woodman is a powerhouse of activity at UIS. As a freshman, she became a member of Communication Club, Christian Student Fellowship, Student Organization Funding Association, all while carrying a full load of classes. UIS gave her an opportunity to take on her first job as marketer for OASIS, an experience she says has helped shape her time here at UIS. Another experience she appreciates at UIS–not being defined or judged by her disability, but easily making friends thanks to her fun personality.