Bachelor’s in Public Administration

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Online Management Training for the Governmental and Nonprofit Sectors


Are you just starting, or do you want to boost your management career and improve your effectiveness as a leader?

  • The Bachelor’s in Public Administration is the management degree of choice for those interested in dedicating their careers to improving others’ lives and serving the greater good.
  • Our degree will prepare you for management careers in the governmental and nonprofit sectors, which provide you with a wide range of opportunities to make a difference
  • Our students work in organizations devoted to addressing poverty, climate change, social injustice, transportation, education, agriculture, healthcare, and many other issues.*Transfer in or start with us and finish with us.  The Online degree is now open to freshmen!

Develop your Managerial Mindset and Skills

Manage People & Process

Understanding motivation, designing jobs and the division of responsibilities (i.e., labor), using power effectively, improving work processes, and decisions, and skills in budgeting, strategic planning, and performance management.

Managing Yourself

Become a more reflective, self-aware member of the team while developing the mindset of a public servant and social entrepreneur (i.e., learning to assess and take risks with confidence)

Manage Stakeholders

Learn to build trust, communicate effectively, and leverage networks within the context of the contemporary social, political, and economic environments.

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state capitol building

UIS is the right fit for…

  • Advancing the public interest and civic engagement
  • Learning in the state capital provides access to a diverse networked community of public affairs scholars, practitioners, and students
  • Transferring from a community college or another university
  • Saving money with in-state, affordable tuition and fees


UIS offers a world-renowned degree at an affordable public university price. In fact, nearly 80% of resident undergraduates pay less than full tuition and fees. Our affordable, best-in-class University of Illinois on-campus and online programs mean money in the bank and value on your resume. It’s one of the reasons UIS was ranked the No. 1 public regional university in Illinois by U.S. News and World Report this year.

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UIS: United in Safety

UIS provides a uniquely student-centered educational experience both in and out of the classroom. Every measure has been taken with the utmost care and consideration to support safety for living, learning, working and training at UIS. For more information, visit our United In Safety page.

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