Smart Products


SMART BoardsSMART Boards are interactive white boards that allow you to use your finger as the mouse. You are no longer tied to the computer when lecturing. The board also allows you to write notes and save them to be posted online, used next year, or even e-mailed. SMART Boards are available in:

  • UHB 1001
  • UHB 1002
  • UHB 1003
  • UHB 1004
  • UHB 1006
  • UHB 2003
  • UHB 2025
  • UHB 2027
  • UHB 2028
  • UHB 2033
  • UHB 3080
  • UHB 3082
  • UHB 3145
  • BRK 141A
  • BRK 370
  • BRK 373
  • BRK 411
  • BRK 476
  • HSB 110
  • HSB 235
  • PAC 3B
  • PAC 4E
  • VPA 150
  • WUIS 22


SMART Podium

SMART PodiumSMART Podium is a display that allows you to interact with the computer by using a stylus as your mouse, annotate documents, or simply write notes on the computer. SMART Podiums are available in:

  • UHB2008
  • UHB 2034
  • BRK 333
  • WUIS 28

SMART Notebook

SMART NotebookSMART Notebook is the feature rich software that comes with all of the SMART Boards and Podiums here on campus. If you are teaching in a room with one of these devices and want to use a Notebook file you can download and install the software for free from the UIS Webstore.


Faculty Using SMART Products

Dr. Keenan DungeyDr. Keenan Dungey is teaching a large chemistry class (more than 50 students) and has been using a SMART Podium installed in UHB 2034, along with Camtasia Relay, to help with delivering his lectures. Read more about Dr. Dungey’s lecture delivery.




For more information about any of the SMART Products offered here at UIS please contact Kara McElwrath at If you would like to teach in one of the classrooms that features a SMART product please fill out the Instructional Technology Request Form.