Lecture Capture System

What is the Lecture Capture System?

The Information Technology Services department at UIS provides a lecture capture system to be used on or off campus allowing you to record whatever is displayed on the computer screen along with your audio and video.

Note: TechSmith Relay will be retired at the end of the Spring 2017 semester. ITS strongly recommends that CaptureSpace Lite be used for all lecture captures. (All previously recorded Relay videos will still be available.)

Capture Space Lite

CaptureSpace Lite includes many additional features beyond what TechSmith Relay has available, including the ability to:

  • Record sections of your screen (not the entire screen)
  • Trim videos at any point in the recording
  • Trim videos after the recording has been published
  • Add captions
  • Upload attachments
  • Add chapters (making it easier for the viewer to skip to specific topics)
  • Add a title slide at the beginning and credits at the end

For additional information about how to use Capture Space Lite please visit the Capture Space Lite webpage.
For more information on lecture capture, please contact Kara McElwrath.