The iPhone and iPad at UIS

iPhone/iPadApple’s iPhone and iPad has generated a great amount of interest on university campuses. ITS at UIS is working hard to maximize the benefits of the iPhone for members of the UIS community who choose to use the iPhone.



Accessing the Internet with iPhone / iPad


You have three options for using the internet with the iPhone.

1. Use the wireless telephony EDGE (2.5 G)/HSDPA (3G) data service that comes with your phone data plan.
[Note: This option is not available on the Wi-Fi only iPads.]


2. Use the built in [802.11*] wireless adapter to join the UISWiFi network on your iPhone / iPad.

If you are on the UIS campus you can join the UISWiFi network to access the Internet. To access the Internet using the UISWiFi network on campus from your iPhone network, do the following:

i) On the iPhone, press the Home button.

ii) Choose Settings.

iii) Tap on Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is ON. It should detect UISWIFI and tap Join.

iv) Enter your NetID and Password as it prompts you.

You can now browse from your iPhone using UISWiFi.

NOTE: If the UISWiFi network is not detected automatically then under Wi-Fi Networks you can tap on other and then add a wireless network with the name UISWiFi and with security of “WPA2-Enterprise” and then join.

Download these directions for accessing WiFi with screenshots for the iPad.



Getting your UIS mail, contacts, and calendars delivered to your iPhone / iPad

i) Choose Setting.

ii) Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

iii) Choose Add Account.

iv) Choose Microsoft Exchange enter the following information:

  • Email: your UIS email ID [e.g.,]
  • Domain: UISAD
  • Username: “your UIS NetID”
  • Password: “your UIS Password”

v) Choose Next. The verification process will begin and on the screen that is displayed, enter the following information if it is not automatically filled in:

  • Server:

vi) Choose Next. The verification process will begin.

vii) On the Exchange screen that appears, turn ON/OFF the UIS services that you want delivered to your iPhone.

ix) Choose Save. This completes the set-up process.

Download these directions for accessing UIS Mail with screenshots for the iPad.


To view your UIS email:

1. Tap on the Mail icon.

2. Tap on your “account name“.

3. Tap on Inbox.

4. Tap on an email message to display the message.

Connect to UIS via VPN on your iPhone / iPad

Cisco AnyConnectConnecting to UIS using Cisco AnyConnect VPN on the iPhone / iPad.
[Note: This application will NOT work when you are on campus.]

1. Download and install Cisco AnyConnect from the Apps Store

2. Locate the Cisco AnyConnect icon on your iPad and launch the app

3. Once you launch the app you will be prompted to select OK to enable the use of the VPN

4. After you have enabled Cisco AnyConnect, click on the option Add VPN Connection

5. You are now presented with the VPN Connection box where you will add the following information

  • Description: UIS VPN
  • ServerAddress:
  • NetworkRoaming: On
  • UseCertificates: Off

6. Once the information has been added, click Save

7. Now that you have entered in the VPN settings you are ready to connect by sliding the On/Off switch On next to AnyConnect VPN

8. Once you have turned the VPN on you will be prompted with the Authentication window. Fill in the information and click Connect

  • Group: UISAD
  • Username: UIS NetID
  • Password: UIS Password

9. You are now ready to use your iPad to access campus services such as Remote Desktop. All you have to do is click your Home Button and open the application to take advantage of campus services.

Download these directions for CISCO AnyConnect with screenshots for the iPad

Remote Desktop Connection on your iPhone / iPad

1. Download and Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store.

2. Locate theMicrosoft Remote Desktop icon on your iPad and launch the app

3. Once the app launches, click the + in the upper right hand corner then select Desktop

4. Next enter the following information about your computer you will be remote in to:

  • PC Name: your computer name [required]
  • User Account: Choose if you want to enter this every time then choose Add User Account entering your NetID [must be in the form of UISAD\NetID] and Password
  • Tap Save

7. You are now ready to connect to your computer. In the list of computers tap on the computer you just added then tap Accept

8. Now you are connected to your desktop you have a special toolbar at the top of the screen. These tools allow you to disconnect from your computer, keyboard access, right click function, screen zoom, and hide the toolbar.





If you are having problems setting up VPN [for UIS] on your iPhone, please contact the ITS Client Services Center at (217)206-6000 or send an email to



Educational Uses of iPhone

Several universities are looking into educational uses of iPhone:


Known Issues

  • iPad does not reconnect to Wi-Fi upon wake up. – If you
    experience this problem select Settings then Wi-Fi then click on the blue arrow next to the selected Wi-Fi access point then select Renew Lease.