CSC/MIS Students: Website


Publishing a Website

Note: By default, all files placed in your public_html folder are world viewable. If you have problems with permissions connect to “” using SSH or telnet. Log in using your UIS netid and password and type chmod 755 ~ and press enter. Any files placed in your public_html folder should now be viewable on the web.

You can create a personal web site on uisacad. Your WWW documents must be stored in a directory named public_html under your home directory. This directory is already created for you with world-executable and world-readable permissions.

The welcome page for your web site should be named index.html. This page will be displayed when someone accesses your web site. The web address [URL] for your web site is:

Your-account-id is your login identifier. For example, the URL for the account named asmit01s is

You may use a text editor such as Notepad or more a sophisticated web development software such as Dreamweaver to create your html documents.

How to publish from Dreamweaver

  1. Open Dreamweaver and go to the “Site” menu and choose “New Site”
  2. Dreamweaver Site Setup WindowOn the “Site Setup . . .” window Give your site a name, then locate the folder containing or the folder you want to contain your site






  1. Dreamweaver Site Setup Window adding Server ConnectionNext click the “Servers” tab on the left side of the Site Setup . . .” window
  2. Click the “+” to add a connection to UISACAD






  1. Dreaweaver Server SetupIn the server setup window give your server connection a name then fill in the following fields with the information that follows:

Server Name: UISACAD

Connect Using: SFTP

SFTP Address:

Authentication: Username and Password:

Username: [NetID]

Password: [Your Password]

Root Directory: public_html

Web URL:[NetID]/

  1. Now that all of the information is entered click “Test” and if test is successful click “Save” on the server connection window then click “Save” on the “Site Setup . . . “ window and now you are ready to begin using Dreamweaver to maintain your website on UISACAD

How to transfer [ftp] your web pages and images to uisacad

You can upload your web pages and images from your local computer to your account on uisacad server using an FTP program like FileZilla [for Windows] or Fetch [for Mac].

For example,

1. Launch FileZilla

2. Enter for the Host, your NetID for the Username, and your password

3. Click QuickConnect

4. On the left side of the window, navigate to the directory on your local drive that contains the files you wish to upload:


5. Click on the public_html directory on the right side of the window. This takes you to your public_html directory. You have to save files in this directory to publish on the web. Select the file you want to transfer from the left side box. Drag the file/folder to the public_html directory on the right. Your file will be transferred to your account. Now the files are ready to be viewed on the web.