CSC/MIS Students

Information Technology Services provides a rich set of tools and platforms in support of teaching and learning in the areas of software development, database management, and Web services.


1. UISacad and CSCacad, both Sun Solaris servers, are the academic Unix systems at UIS. These servers are used for UNIX applications development, hosting web pages, and web applications with Apache web server*. The available software includes:

Solaris 9, MySQL, Oracle, C/C++, Perl, PHP, SSH, and Java programming tools, Apache Web server, FTP & Telnet servers, Samba, and a number of GNU utilities.

ALL UIS students have a UNIX account, in order to access these servers you must use your NetID and password. If you had a UNIX account from a previous semester and are having trouble logging onto the UNIX servers, please change your NetID password to regain access to the system. Proceed to NetID Password Reset

2. Uisacad2, a Dell PowerEdge, Windows 2003 Server. This server is used for Windows applications development and hosting web pages with IIS web server*. There is full support for ASP.NET.

3. Oracle: Dell PowerEdge, RedHat Linux Advanced Server, Oracle 9i. This is the main Oracle server for academic projects.

Note: departmental and personal web pages are hosted on the main UIS website. ITS Web servers are only for course projects.