Attendance Taking

For faculty interested in taking attendance in on-campus courses, ITS has developed a web-based application. Faculty can log into the Attendance App and students can swipe their iCards in a card reader to log attendance for each class session. Please submit an Instructional Technology Request Form to request that a card reader be installed in your classroom (see below for a list of classrooms that already have card readers).

Step-by-step instructions for using the Attendance app are available, or watch the following video.


Card readers are currently installed in:

BRK 340
HSB 109
HSB 110
UHB 1005
UHB 2021
UHB 2025
UHB 2028
UHB 2030
UHB 2032
UHB 2034
UHB 3080
UHB 3082
VPA 150

Please contact ITS Client Services if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.