Audience Response System [Clickers]

What is Audience Response System?

Most audience response systems use a combination of software and hardware to present questions, record responses, and provide feedback. The hardware consists of two components: the receiver and the audience’s clickers. Questions may be created either using PowerPoint or ARS software. Question types may include multiple choice, true/false, numeric, ordering, and short answer. Questions are displayed onscreen and the audience responds by entering their answers using the clicker.

Classroom Applications of Audience Response System

An Audience Response System is also called Student Response System or Classroom Response System. Unlike asking students to raise their hands in response to a question, with an ARS system, faculty can receive immediate classroom feedback.

Typical applications are:

  • Instructors can easily deliver interactive sets of questions
  • Encourage risk taking because students can answer anonymously
  • Gauge the students’ level of understanding of the material being presented
  • Generate discussion from results of feedback
  • Instantly receive and grade homework, reviews, and tests
  • Record grades
  • Take attendance
  • Collect data

For more information on Audience Response System, please contact Kara McElwrath.