Supported Software Applications & Services

This page contains a list of software applications and services currently supported by ITS Client Services.

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At least annually, ITS Client Services will publicly publish a list of software that we support. Publishing such a list provides guidance to customers, helps manage client support expectations, and helps us to manage our work. The list will define what “support” means. Support may be inclusive, such as installation, configuration questions, troubleshooting, etc. Other support may be limited to answering what questions we can, or forwarding to other resources.

Categories of Support

Software on the list will be categorized by the type of support offered. Support will fall into these categories:

The categories are explained further below.


Category 1: Primary services

Category 1 software includes programs that ITS Client Services offers as primary services, such as Exchange/Outlook, virus protection software, and software necessary to access the network. Programs on this list are fully supported by ITS Client Services; our staff is trained to assist you with troubleshooting and solving any problems you have with this software.

Category 1 software applications include (except where noted, latest non-beta version is understood):

  • Email:
    • Outlook 2007 & above
    • Outlook Web Access (
  • File Transfer: Windows shares
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 & above: Mac Snow Leopard & above.
  • Office/Productivity:
  • Additional Instructional Support Services (including CaptureSpace, Box, Classroom technologies, Google Apps, and more)
  • Web Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 7 & above
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 & above
    • Safari
    • Chrome
  • Others:
    • Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Services:
    • Campus NetID
    • Campus Wireless
    • Student Websites (permissions only)
    • Network printers (setup & connectivity)


Category 2: Software Supported By Other ITS Units

Category 2 covers software whose primary support is facilitated by ITS units other than the ITS Client Services. Customers should contact ITS Client Services for support with these software packages and services; our staff will provide assistance where possible, but some inquiries will be forwarded to other ITS units for full resolution.

Category 2 software applications include (except where noted, latest non-beta version is understood):


Category 3: ITS-sponsored software

Software in this category is “ITS-sponsored” – programs that are in common usage, software that we recommend, or free and discounted software that we offer. While we support this software, full support may not be available.

Support for Category 3 includes:

  • Assistance with downloading and/or installation.
  • Additional help, as needed, in gaining access
  • Usage support if we have staff who know the program or if we have access to other resources
  • Referral to outside support sources

Category 3 software applications include (except where noted, latest non-beta version is understood):

  • Email: Apple Mail
  • Web Publishing: Dreamweaver
  • Desktop Productivity Tools:
    • Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Reader
    • Microsoft Project 2003 & above
    • Microsoft Visio 2003 & above
  • Other: Handheld devices (mobile devices)


Category 4: Limited Support Software

Any other software that customers use, obtained from sources outside of ITS. Support includes:

  • Limited installation/configuration/usage support based upon our ability to spend time on the problem.
  • Referral to outside support resources


We have defined the following criteria for adding or dropping programs to or from the list. Criteria will include:

  • Extent of use among customers. A program in widespread use is a candidate for our support. A program that grows into disuse may be dropped from our list.
  • Mandated. The university, campus, etc., requires that we support the program.
  • Currency, viability, or compatibility. When possible we will support the latest release of software unless that release is known to be buggy or otherwise incompatible with other important software.
  • Ease of support. Complex or esoteric software programs are less likely to have (at least, full) support.
  • Special request. Departments may contact ITS to request support of programs meeting their special needs. These will be evaluated on a request-by-request basis.