Technology for Events

ITS boasts a wide variety of technology to assist in the planning and delivery of events, including meetings, workshops, conferences, and more.

Making Your Event Available for Online Participants

Skype for Business allows users to broadcast their presentation live online. Participants need only an Internet connection, speakers or a headset, and a microphone. Participants will see whatever is displayed on the presenter’s computer and will hear the presentation. For more information or to set up a Skype for Business session, please contact see the Skype for Business webpage or contact Kara McElwrath at

Recording Your Event

Kaltura Capture IconCaptureSpace Lite can be used on any computer (on or off campus) allowing you to record your audio, video, and whatever is displayed on the presenter’s computer.

For more information about CaptureSpace Lite, please visit the Lecture Capture webpage.

Delivering the Presentation

ARP ClickerTo help engage the audience and/or provide a mechanism for assessment, clickers are available for on-campus events. Formally referred to as an ‘audience response system’, clickers are remotes that allow the presenter to ask questions to which the audience responds by pressing a button on their clicker. A graph of the results is displayed and results can be exported to Excel for analysis after the session.

For more information about the clickers, please visit the Audience Response System webpage.

SMART PodiumSMART Podiums are available in several classrooms throughout campus. A podium is a display that allows you to interact with the computer by using a stylus as your mouse, annotate documents, or simply write notes on the computer. Podiums are a great alternative to writing on the board because it is easier for the audience to see, can be recorded using CaptureSpace Lite, and is broadcast to online participants when using Skype for Business.

For more information about the podiums, see our SMART Products at UIS webpage.


Skype LogoSkype is available for guest speakers that are unable to come to campus. This application allows the guest speaker and the audience to interact and see each other via the internet. To use Skype for your event, please contact Kara McElwrath at 206-8237 or

For those presenters using PowerPoint, presenter remotes are available which allow you to stand anywhere in the room and advance your PowerPoint presentation. To reserve a presentation remote, please contact Kara McElwrath at 206-8237 or

Technology Available in Classrooms

Classroom Technology including: instructor computer, projector, document camera, and DVD/VHS PlayerEach classroom at UIS is equipped with an Internet-accessible presenter computer already connected to a projector. In addition, each classroom has a microphone, combo VCR/DVD player, document camera, and secondary input (to connect to a laptop, for example). Each classroom in UHB has an interactive whiteboard. There are several classrooms throughout campus with SMARTBoards.

For more information about the technology enhanced classrooms or to request training, please visit the Classroom Services webpage.

Video-Teleconferencing Events

Audio and video connections are available to either single or multiple remote sites. The facilities permit courses and meetings to be delivered or received from other locations locally or globally. Please visit the Video- and Tele-conferencing webpage for information.

Webcasting Your Event

In collaboration with the Office of Electronic Media, ITS offers webcasting services for campus events and classroom lectures. Please visit our Webcasting page for more information.

For any other technology needs, please contact Kara McElwrath