Storing Files at UIS

As we increase the size and variety of files that need to be stored with other faculty, students, and staff here at UIS, the Center for Online Learning, Research, and Services and Information Technology Services has put together the following list of file types and a recomended location for you to store them so that you are able to share them with the appropriate people.

If you have a file type that is not listed in below, please contact Emily Boles [206.8311 or] Kara McElwrath [206.8237 or], or Jeff Sudduth [206.8350 or]

Additional information regarding deciding which storage solution is right for you is available on the File Sharing/Storage webpage.

Type of File / Method of Creation Storage Location / Creation Method
Lecture Capture
In Classroom Kaltura Capture
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Kaltura Capture
Video from personal camera for teaching purposes Kaltura
Recordings from students Kaltura, YouTube
Video from publishers Library
Analog sources Library
Student Self-Critique (recorded by UIS or required by instructor for evaluation) Kaltura
SMART board video captures Kaltura
Audio (.mp3 or AAC) Kaltura
Images Kaltura
Flash (SWF) Kaltura
Transferring files to ITS/COLRS Staff Box or Google Drive
Portable Document Format (.pdf) Box or Google Drive
iTunesU (public or private or shared by multiple instructors)
Microsoft Product Files (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx) Box or Google Drive
HTML Google Drive
SMART Board Notebook (.notebook) Box or Google Drive
RAW Media (Video or Images with Multiple Editors) Short-Term Storage Kaltura or Box
Media Public (ITS server space, cleaned every Monday, everyone can edit/access/delete)
RAW Media (Video or Images) Long Term Storage Kaltura or Box or Google Drive
Canvas course archive files that users create Box or Google Drive
Elluminate Recording Export (mp4 or flv) Kaltura
Free Mind (.mm) Box or Google Drive


What if I run out of space?

Users that require additional space for academic or administrative needs may submit a request by emailing ITS Client Services ( Requests should include an explanation of the need for additional space.

Where are my CaptureSpace videos stored?

CaptureSpace videos are hosted on Kaltura.  This short video shows how to get the links to your recordings. Please contact Kara McElwrath at 206-8237or e-mail

Where do I find more information about Box, Google, CaptureSpace, and Kaltura?

Additional information can be found on the webpage for each service. Please contact Kara McElwrath at 206-8237or e-mail