Portal Application Development

In an effort to improve workflows and efficiencies with student registration, ITS worked with the Teacher Education department to develop an app to streamline this process and aid with communication channels.

The challenges we focused on overcoming were:

  1. Students who are not sure of their status – Was their course request received by TEP? Will they get in to the classes they need in the upcoming semester? Is TEP waiting for something else from them?
  2. Course requests – how many students are planning to teach which course in the upcoming semester?
  3. Student files are paper-based and not easily accessible by others who may need to check on the status of a student.

This app keeps all status information in one location and provides feedback for the students when steps in the workflow are completed by advisor, when special approvals are added in Banner, and when they can register for classes. It also provides a central location for students to see what other action items they may have (submitting transcripts, taking department assessments, etc).

If you are interested in talking with ITS about developing a portal please contact Kara McElwrath to begin the process.