Google Apps

UIS has joined Google Apps for Education in an effort to provide the campus with a streamlined way of taking advantage of the many apps available by Google. Working online and in collaboration with others has never been easier! Using your NetID and password, users can access Google Drive and Docs, Calendar, Sites, Talk, and more.

Google Apps for Education at UIS

Going Google

There are many reasons why Google Apps for Education is a great addition to the many resources provided to the UIS campus community. Innovation and collaboration top the list. Our students need to be prepared for the newest technology in the workplace, and Google is often at the forefront of emerging technologies. In addition, the ability to collaborate globally is a valued skillset in many disciplines.


Step-by-step instructions, as well as video tutorials, for using Google Apps are available. Google also provides a web browser, Google Chrome [PDF].

Google App
Description and Resources

Google Docs [PDF] provides users with the ability to create, edit, and collaborate with others live on the web. It integrates with Google Drive [PDF], creating a single place for you to access your files.

Google Calendar [PDF] is a great resource to use to manage your everyday tasks and activities.


Google Sites [PDF] allows you to create and manage websites.
Google Blogger [PDF] allows you to create and publish your own blog.

Google Groups [PDF] makes it easy to communicate with others in an online settings. With Google Groups, you can easily engage in discussions, make plans and organize meetings, and much more.

With Google Bookmarks [PDF], you can save shortcuts to your favorite webpages and navigate to them in seconds.  Because they are stored with your Google account, you can access them from any computer with an Internet connection.

Google Talk [PDF] is a downloadable chat application allowing users to send instant messages, see status updates, transfer files, and have voice chats.  Currently, Google Talk only works on PCs, not Macs.


How to Use Google Apps in the Classroom


  • Keep a reflective learning journal through the school year.
  • Add ‘labels’ as keywords or tags to organize and categorize your posts. Labels such as announcements, homework, or FAQ can help students find the posts most relevant to them.
  • Encourage a multimedia project – Conduct original interviews, place text, images, and video clips ont heir blog as a digital archive.

Drive & Docs

  • Group project planning/management tool so everyone can access the same files and versions.
  • Share weekly announcements with your students
  • Revise long documents in a group, where each member edits one particular section
  • View documents’ revision history and roll back to any previous version
  • Avoid printing and have students submit assignments here. Instructors can comment on their work online.
  • Write a collaborative story with the class.
  • Promote brainstorming. All members can add to a document, and collaborate online in real time and chat with other collaborators.
  • Collaborative note-taking


  • Extend class discussions online
  • Create private groups for easy communication for clubs or organizations
  • Send email announcements to all students in a group
  • Create an online study group


  • Organize current events for your students to keep up on – create a folder for each unit topic you plan to cover, and then subscribe to different sites that have news related to the topic
  • Collect, annotate, and share research for collaborative projects


  • Easily create slideshows/collages of images
  • Collaborate with other students on a photo album to tell a story digitally


  • Create maps from anywhere in the world, in any time period


  • Students create personal e-portfolios showcasing their work
  • Create a class website, including materials and video tutorials