FormBuilder Event Registration

The event registration system is an enterprise service developed by AITS (Administrative Information Technology Services for the University of Illinois)that provides departments with the ability to offer an online registration system for participants in campus events, camps, and conferences. Departments can build events and set up forms to collect registration information from participants. The event registration forms can be customized to have the same look and feel as department web sites and can collect information specific to the event.

The events can be set up and managed by department staff without the need for custom development and support. The event registration tool is a web-based solution that provides the ability for departments to build custom forms with user defined fields, edits, triggers, rules, and decision points based upon client input. Departments can also set up event capacity limits, generate participant emails, and export event rosters. The system also utilizes other university systems such as EAS (Enterprise Authentication Service) and Active Directory for authentication and iPay for collecting payments.

High-Level Functionality

Approval and Routing – Event registration can be configured to require review and approval by university staff as part of the registration process.  Thresholds and triggers can be set up to fire based upon data or selections.

Communicate With Registrants/Users – Confirmation emails can be automatically sent to registrants after they complete the registration process as a receipt for their records. Emails can also be used as notification of pending work to approvers or reviewers if included in the registration process. This is helpful for infrequent FormBuilder users that aren’t checking their inbox daily.

Custom Design – Style sheets and web components from department websites can be leveraged to create templates within FormBuilder. These templates can easily be applied to any of the department’s forms within the application to provide a consistent look and feel between department websites and the registration system.

Payments – Fees for events can be charged and credited to university accounts via the integration with the iPay application. FormBuilder also allows check payments to be accepted if desired by the unit. Credit card payments are processed automatically, while check payments require manual payment processing from the Unit or From Group Administrator as checks are received. Payment line items can be established with either a default department C-FOAPAL, or customized to utilize separate C-FOAPALS for each line item.

Reports – Form Group Administrators will have access to the Reporting Console which allows access to run reports and export data to a .csv file or an Excel file. A default data dump report including every data element of the form is automatically created with each form that is built. The reporting console also allows the form group administrator to create custom reports specifying which elements to include, the column names and order and title, and sort order of the data.

Authentication – Event administrators use EAS authentication to manage events while users can use Active Directory, EAS, or their OpenID credentials such as Yahoo and Google ids to authenticate. Users can also create a new id or the registration process can be open without authentication being required.

Session Management – Establish registration limits and wait lists for events. Multiple sessions for an event can be set up and as sessions fill they automatically close for registration or put people on a wait list.

Team Registrations – The system supports the concept of team registrations. Coaches or captains can register a team for an event and then have team members register for the event as a member of the team.

Unit and Form Group Administrators – Each department that uses FormBuilder will have one or more Unit or Form Group Administrators established who will have access to the Administrative side of Form Builder. This access allows them to monitor transactional data and run reports related to their forms. They will also be able to make simple changes to their forms including maintenance of registration sessions and the corresponding session open and close dates, and pricing structures. After system training, users will be able to create their own forms for future events.

  • Unit Administrators can access the Administrative side of FormBuilder and maintain form content or build and run reports for ANY form within the entire Unit.
  • Form Group Administrators can access the Administrative side of FormBuilder and maintain form content or build and run reports ONLY for the forms that are in a specific Form Group.

Getting Started

The Event Registration system is designed to allow departments to function independently and build and maintain their own events. There are Service Managers who are there to help get departments up and running. Each department is uniquely defined in the system and will be granted access to only the events and forms for that department.

A coordinator for the department needs to be identified as the person who will do the set up and configuration of the events. Maureen Hoover will configure the department in the system and establish access for the department coordinator. Then Maureen will work with the coordinator to provide initial training on the system. Furthermore, a training guide will also be provided that steps through the set up of forms and events. Development environments exist which will allow departments to build and modify events without fear of breaking something or disrupting others.

Ready to get started? Email Maureen Hoover or call her at (217)206.6103