UIS Email on Mobile Devices

ITS has made your UIS Email accessible from most mobile devices. The device needs to support Microsofts ActiveSync technology. To setup your email find the appropriate platform below and follow the instructions.

iPhone / iPad

    • Touch the Settings icon on your iOS device
    • Select Password & Accounts from the Settings list on the left
    • On the right touch Add Account then touch Microsoft Exchange
    • In the new Exchange window fill in the appropriate information then tap Next
      • Email: NetID@uis.edu
      • Description: UIS Mail
    • When prompted to “Sign in to your ‘uis.edu’ Exchange account using Microsoft?” Choose Configure Manually
    • The next screen will now have a Password field. Enter your password and click Next
    • On the next window verify or fill in the appropriate information the click Next
      • Email: NetID@uis.edu
      • Server: webmail.uis.edu
      • Domain: UISAD
      • Username: NetID
      • Password: your NetID password
      • Description: UIS Mail
    • Once this information is verified you will now be able to select which services you want to enable then click Save
    • [By default all services are on]
      • Mail -This will sync the most recent mail in your mailbox
      • Contacts – This will sync the contacts that you have in Outlook or in Webmail with your device [You may want to turn this feature off if you want to keep your contacts on your device separate from work contacts]
      • Calendars – This will sync all of your calendars that you have setup in Outlook or in Webmail
      • Reminders
      • Notes
    • Now that the account has been added to your device go to your Home Screen tap the Mail app and start reading your mail [depending on your connection in may take as much as 20 minutes to sync your account]


Basic Configuration Information for setting up UIS Mail on your Android device. This process may be different depending on your device.

  • To begin go to Settings
  • Scroll to find + Add Account then select Corporate
  • Follow the setup wizards prompts entering the appropriate information. Below is a list of the basic information that needs to be filled in:
    • Server: webmail.uis.edu
    • Domain: uisad
    • Email address: NetID@uis.edu
    • Username: NetID
    • Password: your NetID password

Windows Phone 8 or 7

[from the home screen]

  • Swipe to the left (or tap the arrow on the right).
  • Scroll down and tap Settings
  • Scroll down and tap email & accounts
  • Tap Add an Account and choose Outlook
  • Tap the Email address box, then type your UIS email address
  • Tap the Password box, then type your password
  • Tap Sign In
  • If the account settings are found, wait for your Exchange email, calendar, and contacts to be synced to your phone. You are all done setting up your account.
  • If the account settings are not found, review the settings for your email address and password, type UISAD in the “Domain” field, and try to sign in again.
  • If you are still having problems, tap Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:
    • Email address: NetID@uis.edu
    • Password: your NetID password
    • Username: NetID
    • Exchange server address: webmail.uis.edu
    • Server requires encrypted connection (SSL): This box should be checked.