Xythos Drive for Edocs

Xythos Drive LogoXythos Drive is a powerful application that extends the abilities of eDocs beyond the web to the desktop, allowing users to work with our files on eDocs in the same way we would work with files on our computers or a flash drive. Users are now able to map their personal eDocs account, Department account, and any other share that they have and access it like any other folder on their desktop. Beyond the basic abilities to edit documents, users will be able to control document access, version management, file synchronization, subscriptions, and more, without ever leaving their familiar applications.

File synchronization can be challenging – having confidence that your edits are being saved back to eDocs and will be there when you re-open the file. Xythos Drive answers that challenge, allowing users to work with their files in the environment with which they are already familiar. There is no need to learn the eDocs interface; with Xythos Drive, users can stay in the application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and work with their eDocs files as they normally would.

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