Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

ITS has been collaborating with several departments to develop web-based applications that streamline day-to-day tasks and critical workflows. Check out some of the applications that we have developed and implemented to make instruction, placement, and registration processes easier.

Web Application Showcase

Attendance App

Attendance App

For faculty interested in taking attendance in on-campus courses, ITS has developed a web-based application. Faculty can log into the Attendance App and students can swipe their iCards in a card reader to log attendance for each class session.

The Attendance App also includes the ability to directly import grades into Canvas. This is an optional feature that faculty can turn on, as needed. A column will be added to the Blackboard Grade Center for each day attendance is taken. For more information, please visit the Attendance Taking webpage. This app also includes a picture roster of your students so you can learn to know their names and faces even if you do not use the app to take attendance!


Placement App

UIS Placement App

A Placement Testing app was designed for students who need to take placement tests for math, science, and English courses. Launched in Summer 2019, this app lets students know which placement tests they should take. Additionally, once they have taken the placement test, the app will tell them and their advisor into which course(s) they have placed based on their ACT/SAT and placement test scores. This allows students and advisors to streamline the registration process – getting students into the courses they need and on track for graduation!


TEP Portal App

TEP Portal

In an effort to improve workflows and efficiencies with student registration, ITS worked with the Teacher Education department to develop an app to streamline this process and aid with communication channels.

The challenges we focused on overcoming were:

Students who are not sure of their status – Was their course request received by TEP? Will they get in to the classes they need in the upcoming semester? Is TEP waiting for something else from them?
Course requests – how many students are planning to teach which course in the upcoming semester?
Student files are paper-based and not easily accessible by others who may need to check on the status of a student.

This app keeps all status information in one location and provides feedback for the students when steps in the workflow are completed by advisor, when special approvals are added in Banner, and when they can register for classes. It also provides a central location for students to see what other action items they may have (submitting transcripts, taking department assessments, etc).

Computer Science
Virtualization Center

CSC VM Center

The Computer Science department and ITS partnered up to manage the CSC Virtualization Center, which provides virtual machines for many CSC students. This program allows students to get hands-on, real world experience in skills that employers value. The challenges that needed to be solved were ensuring that the virtual machines were available on the first day of the semester, and that any students who registered late would have a virtual machine created for them immediately. Additionally, faculty needed a way to easily communicate and track configuration requests for their course-specific virtual machines, as well as a way to reset virtual machines on demand.


If you are interested in streamlining any of your business processes, please reach out to ITS Client Services.