Useful Security Tools


Virus attacks are one of the most costly and destructive forces that networks face today. All computers on the UIS network whether owned by the campus or by individuals are expected to have up-to-date anti-virus software installed to ensure the best defense against these attacks.

All incoming UIS email is protected by Barracuda Networks Spam and Virus Firewall and McAfee anti-virus software, which is installed on all UIS email servers.

Beginning in July 2016, all UIS Windows computers will have Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) anti-virus software installed when they are configured for the network. After evaluating many endpoint protection tools, SCEP was chosen as a reliable and effective solution for UIS. It is less resource-intensive than many other solutions, allowing our computers to continue running smoothly and efficiently while staying protected.

ITS does not systematically push anti-virus protection to Mac workstations. However, Mac users should still run anti-virus software. ITS recommends Avira, based on an EDUCAUSE focused discussion that found Avira to provide better detection of viruses with less impact on performance. Avira also works with iOS devices. Please contact ITS Client Services for assistance in installing or verifying anti-virus software on your Mac.

For personally-owned Windows devices, ITS recommends Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free solution. (Windows Defender replaces Security Essentials for Windows 8 and 10 devices.) UIS no longer provides free licenses for McAfee through the WebStore.

Additionally, we take advantage of MalwareBytes as another way to protect our workstations. MalwareBytes works alongside SCEP to prevent attacks (including ransomware), block malicious websites, and remove all traces of malware.

If you are not sure if your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software, please contact ITS Client Services at We will be happy to check your anti-virus software status and install or update your software.